Speed Critiques, Episode 05

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Speed Critiques with Karl Louis, Episode 05

Is there one thing you could do that would make your song a hit single?

Karl Louis is a Music Industry vet. He has been on the music scene since the early 90’s helping many of the bands that you’ve heard of take their next step towards success. As an artist manager, he has helped acts sign both Indie and Major Label deals, as well as securing Film / TV placements and everything else that goes along with being a manager these days. Karl knows what it takes in this biz, and is willing to share his expertise with you. Karl can provide feedback on lots of different genres, so send in your best to see what he has to say about your song.

Michael is out of the office for the day – a team of 11 year old soccer players took him out over the weekend, so Karl and myself will be taking over the boss’s desk, and will listen to as many songs as possible for this show, so we will only be able to listen to the first verse and chorus before going straight to the feedback. Does your song have what it takes?


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