Welcome to the official website of Moral Compass Mgmt

We are a creative music management and consulting company specializing in the areas of career development, production, publishing and marketing. We work with clients such as solo artists, bands, production companies, labels, managers and other industry professionals. Our services include:

  • Career assessment
  • Song writing and live show coaching
  • Recording, mixing and mastering
  • Label shopping
  • Digital and physical distribution
  • Synch rights management
  • Merchandising
  • Social media marketing
  • Fan management

All our activities are based on and guided by our deep passion for music. We greatly enjoy seeing our clients succeed in a field as challenging and diverse as today’s music industry. What sets us apart as a company is spelled out in our name Moral Compass Mgmt. While we give our clients the competitive edge needed in business, we also tirelessly encourage and support them in developing their full artistic potential and uniqueness.

Welcome to Moral Compass Mgmt. Please feel free to contact us for consulting rates and availability. We hope to meet you soon!

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